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Writing English Letters and Numbers on a J. Dutta & Co. Slate!

Close up shot  of J. Dutta & Co. chalk board slate with arithmetic operation signs and numbers drawn with chalk
J. Dutta & Co. Wooden Slate is the best choice for learning to write numbers and letters

Congratulations! Glad to know you are thinking of buying a J. Dutta & Co. Wooden Slate with Lines and Squares for your child!

We will tell you why its the right choice...

We at J. Dutta & Co. have been making our wooden slates for more than 30 years. Through regular customer feedback, in-house R&D and collaborative discussions with teachers and educators, we have fine-tuned the design and the materials for our slate.

Our slate has just the right smoothness on the surface for the child to write using the chalk, and just the right amount of texture to give a satisfying sensory feedback while writing. The front of the slate has 4 lines, with 2 lines in red and 2 lines blue. This 4 lined side of the slate is used for writing English letters in Upper case and Lower case letters. The lines are printed with best-in-class ink and are evenly spaced considering, the writing comfort of the end-user... which is your child.

The back of the slate has 100 blue squares for practising writing numbers. Each square is well-sized and large to ensure even 2 digit numbers fit easily and gives enough room for the child to learn with ease.

Our best selling slate has dimensions of 15 inches x 12 inches ( ~38.1 cm x 30.5 cm) which is loved by teachers and parents alike as it is immensely useful for school work, both in class as well as through E-Learning classes, Virtual classes/Online Classes on Zoom.

The above slate is suitable for toddlers, kids in primary schools and for children aged 3 years or above. Parents and teachers may also use their discretion with regards to age suitability of the product.

Our four lined slate series has our J. Dutta & Co. logo embossed at the bottom right corner on the back.

Please click here or on the link below to get your J. Dutta & Co. Wooden Slate with Lines and Squares delivered to your door Step... You also get Free Delivery! :)


J. Dutta & Co. is the only manufacturer and seller of J. Dutta & Co. branded slates. To learn more about always buying original products online, please read our blog post here or click on the link below.


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