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A Quick Guide to Educational Toys

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Child playing with educational toys and building blocks
Educational Toys play a critical role in children's skill-based development

Educational toys and aids which emphasise on activity based learning, play a crucial role in the development of fundamental skills of children. These form the building blocks in the child's growth and include the following -

  • Cognitive and Problem Solving Skills: It involves the ability of the brain to solve problems and learn new things (including language). It is also crucial in development of speech and in the ability to memorise, process and recall information at the required instance. Your child's cognitive and problem solving skills can be improved using toys such as jigsaw puzzles, shape sorting toys, stacking toys, lacing toys, assemble-disassemble toys, etc. These are common educational toys that should definitely find a way into your child's playroom and promise countless hours of enjoyable learning!

  • Fine Motor Skills: Fine motor skills involve coordination and synchronization between muscles and eyes to carry out intricate, small scale movements. Writing, folding, gripping, pressing and squeezing are common activities which involve fine motor skills. Toys which require object manipulation (or any of the other activities mentioned above) improve a child's fine motor skills. Shape stacking and sorting toys, stacking pyramid, writing slates and also everyday items like the mortar and pestle (Khalbatta/खलबत्ता) can be used to develop fine motor skills.

  • Gross Motor Skills: Gross motor skills are the ability to carry out large scale movement of the muscles like walking, jumping, climbing, balancing, twisting, walking up stairs and walking down stairs. The key elements of gross motor skill development are- Balance - Symmetric body adjustment to achieve stability Muscle and Body Awareness - Ability to improve control and posture Mid-Line Identification - Movement across one side of the body to the other Laterality - Recognition of the left and right side of the body Muscle Coordination - Synchronisation between major muscles of arms, limbs, neck, back and shoulders Spatial Orientation - Awareness of position and form of the body in relation to space and other objects or people in surroundings Your child is sure to love toys that improve gross motor skills such as Kids Crawling Tunnel, Rope Ladder, Skipping Rope, Indoor Slide, Indoor Play Rockers and Balance Way.

  • Creativity Creativity is often defined as the use of one's own imagination to create something new, whether tangible or intangible. Creativity is one of the truest forms of self expression. Allowing creativity to thrive, allows children and adults alike, to develop and strengthen their emotional intelligence and helps them cope with their emotions. Some of our most popular creativity-inspiring toys and activities include puppets and story cut-outs which can be used to conduct story telling sessions, and open ended toys (such as building blocks and plasticine / moulding clay). These products are extremely popular among our customers, which include playschool teachers, educators and parents and have received glowing reviews.

We invite you to visit our store in Mumbai or view our online catalogue to discover more such educational toys. Hope you and your child enjoy playing and learning with our toys! Please reach out to us for any queries and we will be happy to assist you!


J. Dutta & Co., (established in 1964), designs, manufactures and trades in educational toys, teaching aids, wooden toys, school furniture and playground equipment.

You can buy our products by visiting our Factory Outlet in Dadar, Mumbai. Also, some of our top selling products are available to shop online!


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