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  • What are Educational Toys?
    Educational Toys are toys with both, entertainment and learning value. They boost skills like innovative and creative thinking, cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, spatial skills and soft skills.
  • What are Teaching Aids?
    Teaching aids are tools which are used by teachers, educators, parents, etc. to improve the process of imparting knowledge to students. They aid in the process of simplification of concepts. They are often known as TLM (Teaching Learning Materials)
  • Where can I get to see the entire collection of J. Dutta & Co.'s 600+ products?
    You can see our entire collection of 700+ types of products in our Physical Store in Atgaon, Maharashtra, India which include teaching aids, educational toys, puppets, jig saw puzzles, wooden toys, school furniture, indoor and outdoor playground equipment and more
  • Are all products of J Dutta and Company available in the Online Store?
    Only our top selling products requested by our In-Store customers, are available on the Online Store. For viewing more of our products, visit the product gallery and for even a more interactive experience, visit our Brick and Mortar (Physical) Store in Atgaon, Maharashtra, India.
  • What is difference between Product Gallery and Online Store?
    The product gallery features various types of products we offer. It may not cover all the 700+ types of products showcased in our physical store in Atgaon, Maharashtra, India. The Online Store is an e-commerce option where in our top selling products for individual/retail customers are showcased.
  • How do I know if my order is confirmed?
    As soon as the payment transaction is complete, you will receive an email to the email ID provided by you at the time of checkout with order details. Kindly check in the spam folder if email is not visible in the regular inbox.
  • Can a confirmed order be modified or cancelled?
    No, unfortunately, a confirmed order cannot be modified or cancelled.
  • How are Online Store payments done?
    We are pleased to inform that we accept all popular credit and debit cards, netbanking, UPI and more. We also use PayPal as our Payment Gateway. You can PayPal just as you pay via Credit or Debit card on any other website. If you wish you see your product before you pay, you can choose "In-Store Pick Up" as a delivery option and pay using the "Cash" mode at the payment counter in our store in Atgaon, Maharashtra, India.
  • Can I buy J. Dutta & Co. products on other E-Commerce Websites?
    Yes, currently, some of our products are listed on Please ensure that the seller you buy from is "J. Dutta & Co.". We are the only and the exclusive seller for our own products online. Always buy from the seller J. Dutta & Co. only to get our original products and get protected against fake and counterfeit products. Check the screenshot below with this FAQ to see where to look for the seller name. (highlighted with a green tick mark for your reference)
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