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Guarding against counterfeit and fake products online

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

A user is holding a credit card while browsing internet to shop online
Being smart while buying online ensures we get only original products.

It is a new decade and most of us shop for some or the other product online. Be it clothes, toys, groceries, books or electronics, we all may have bought one of these online.

In India, most e-commerce sales happen through the marketplace model, where various sellers register themselves on e-commerce platforms.

Therefore, you might have seen that the same product is sold by multiple sellers.

Most online marketplace platforms have artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to ensure that the best offer is shown to you first and is the recommended choice for you to make the purchase in terms price, delivery time and past performance of the seller.

Flowchart of an e-commerce transaction on an online marketplace with multiple sellers designed by J. Dutta & Co.
Always choose the seller which sells original products

But, due to unforeseen events, the authorised sellers might temporarily go out of stock.

This is the time when you might encounter fake or counterfeit products. Since the genuine sellers are not making a product offer, the e-commerce platform’s algorithms showcases you an offer from unauthorised sellers.

Not only can you become a victim to counterfeit products, but also the manufacturer might not honour the warranty or provide customer service, as the product purchased is fake/bought from a non-authorised seller online.

Therefore, the buyer should try the below tips to ensure that they buy only genuine products...

1. Always check the list of authorised sellers/distributors/retailers from the brand's own website

2. Check the e-commerce seller’s ratings and reviews and look out for any mention of counterfeit/fake product delivery

3. If the brand has its own website, always prefer to buy directly from the brand as it ensures genuine products and customer support

4. In case you feel the product delivered is counterfeit, verify the seller with the manufacturer or brand

5. If product is fake, immediately raise a complaint with the e-commerce platform reporting the fake product and seller name, and get a full refund

Using the above tips, one can have a top-notch and safe online shopping experience.

We at J. Dutta & Co. implement strict processes to ensure our genuine products are available in the market.... online and offline.

With regards to our products, always look out for both, the brand name J. Dutta & Co. and seller name J. Dutta & Co., to ensure our genuine and authentic products are delivered to you. (Please refer to the below illustrative image and lookout for the green tick to notice the Seller name).

Screenshot of a J. Dutta & Co. branded Parrot Hand-Puppet listed on an e-commerce website with an option to Add to Cart and seller name highlighted
Look for the Sold by J. Dutta & Co. tag on all e-commerce websites to ensure you get J. Dutta & Co. products

You can also buy our original products from our website

Happy shopping... 😃


J. Dutta & Co., (established in 1964), designs, manufactures and trades in educational toys, teaching aids, wooden toys, school furniture and playground equipment.

You can buy our products by visiting our Factory Outlet in Dadar, Mumbai. Also, some of our top selling products are available to shop online!


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